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cashmere and pashmina

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about wool, better is Merino wool, highest material of the wool hair is cashmere,as syou known the "Cashmere" is from goats , sheep has no cashmere.

the place more higher more cold, the wool quality more better. so our inner mongolia,china have more high quality wool material and product.

Often there will be not clear Pashmina Cashmere and exactly what's different?

Karl Spilhaus, President of Boston's Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (Boston Cashmere wool and Camel wool manufacturing college President) said "Pashmina is just Cashmere... there 's no difference. The Pashmina is simple the Indian word for Cashmere." so we can know the Pashmina and Cashmere are the same species, the fur sheep the same fiber of natural substances, mainly local view of the differences by misunderstanding.He said "A good quality cashmere shawl is worth very dime you pay for it, and it will last you A lifetime." A penny A points goods, A good pair of cashmere allows you to use all my life.Also have another way of saying that, because the Pashmina is Nepal's most famous product, a thin shawl, but does have very good heat preservation, so someone will Pashmina Cashmere distinguishs somewhat.Sea colophon Pashmina is usually adopts the higher mountain sheep hair, is mainly the Himalayan mountain sheep hair, hair so more meticulous, weave products thin thin, tactility is relatively smooth, so the Pashmina usually see is thin thin fabrics, of the best known is the wear Ring of Nepal shawl Ring Pashmina.And the main producing area in China's Inner Mongolia Cashmere, Cashmere production accounted for 40% of global production.Slender of Inner Mongolia in the west of the goats, top quality, is the world's best cashmere raw material.Because the quantity of Himalayan goat is very good, can't form production, so the western Inner Mongolia cashmere is real pashmina source of raw materials.Pashmina usually can be divided into pure Cashmere 100% and containing different proportions of Silk.Most warm 100% Pashmina, paragraph contains silk light in weight and soft and smooth tactility is well suited for continuous winter or the United States Canada use the cold winter.

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