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Inner Mongolia: wool cashmere legislation to strengthen quality supervision and management

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February 28, reporters from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government Information Office held a press conference that, "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region plush fiber quality supervision and management measures" will be implemented from March 1, 2014. It is also the country's first dedicated local norms and regulations plush fiber quality supervision and management.

"Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region plush fiber quality supervision and management approach" to define the plush fiber producers, acquirers, processors, quality, responsibility and obligation to the seller, the provisions of the regulatory responsibilities of plush fiber quality supervision departments and professional fiber inspection agency supervisor one seized illegal management system, in order to further increase the plush fiber quality violations, especially in the transaction process adulteration, do not perform clean wool (cashmere) pricing pressure and other pressure level against the interests of farmers and herdsmen crackdown, provide a strong legal protection.

From a legislative perspective, the "approach" highlights three main aspects: First, define the plush fiber supervision and management system; Second Notary provides plush fiber quality inspection system; Third, the provisions of the cashmere reserve system.

Promote the healthy development of plush industry, is to implement the autonomous region "8337" development ideas, accelerate the urgent requirement of green agricultural and livestock products export base construction. Cashmere, wool is superior resources in Inner Mongolia. The introduction of this government regulations, plush quality supervision system will be established in the form of local legislation, to ensure the plush fiber quality, maintenance plush fiber market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of plush fiber producers, operators, consumers , support the specification Inner Mongolia cashmere wool industry will play a role in promoting healthy development.

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