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Cashmere leather advance "show"

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Sue Daily News (bun) from colorful cashmere coats, to sheepskin mosaic of small windbreaker, yesterday afternoon, in the autumn and winter fashion Hisamitsu En Sang conference, along with models of sections and to many people early taste of winter this year, the International The latest fashion trends, fashion catwalk holiday look, try new winter enjoyable.

Lambskin and openwork lace stitching, summer autumn and winter fabrics and fabric "cross-quarter" mix and match, looming elegant and chic, this year's autumn and winter fashion elements of international t stage, so many people themselves.

According to reports, this popular release, a total showcase winter dresses, cashmere coats, jackets, coats and other latest design, from being red, green, sapphire blue, to yellow, pink cherry blossoms, bright lines of international popular silhouette autumn and winter fashion, attracting many people try.

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