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Inner Mongolia cashmere wool strengthen supervision of goods for consumers to wear safety

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Inner Mongolia is the main producing areas of China and the world of cashmere raw materials, also China's largest cashmere products processing and exporting provinces have included Erdos, Deer, Wearnes, Zhao Jun and other famous brands, including nearly 60 Cashmere wool brand. Trade and Industry Bureau in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to carry out work in key areas of consumer rights, highlighting the circulation of commodities clothing and shoes, especially cashmere wool products to clothing and shoes, children's clothing and other goods as the focus, and focus unsatisfactory labeling, quality standards , there are security risks and other issues.

In recent years, along with cashmere prices rose sharply, rising production costs, increased marketing costs, especially labor costs greater growth rate, increasing the overall cost of cashmere wool products. Since some small businesses market their poor competitiveness of its products and OEM products of varying quality, real ones, shoddy deceive consumers when events have occurred, not only seriously infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also damage the market reputation of Inner Mongolia cashmere wool products.

Status quo cashmere wool product quality circulation, Trade and Industry Bureau in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to carry out work in key areas of consumer rights, consumer complaints, the checks failed, media exposure, on-site inspection found problems, and there are other quality violations record companies or businesses for focus on examination of the object to or the document sales, counterfeiting, identity does not match, "three noes" is focused on investigating tagging and other illegal objects to clothing footwear merchandising centralized shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets for key regulatory regions, strongly banning undocumented, unlicensed or beyond the scope of business clothing and shoes commodities act severely punished sales without quality certification, does not meet the quality standards of the enterprise or business.

Since the launching of key areas of consumer rights to work, Inner Mongolia Trade and Industry Bureau has 153 batches of cashmere wool clothing and jackets quality monitoring carried out. Council commissioned a national costume inspection agency, to develop a detailed implementation plan for monitoring, a clear sampling procedures, test, test items, determining principle. Union City Industrial and Commercial Bureau to large shopping malls, supermarkets and specialty stores, wholesale markets for sampling of key sites, in strict accordance with the procedures in conjunction with the inspection agency personnel samples.

Inner Mongolia Trade and Industry Bureau official said that at present, cashmere wool clothing and jackets are at the re-examination of the monitoring phase. Next, we will increase the intensity of post-processing of substandard goods, the relevant commodity organizations inventory on the market, will be under the supervision of the relevant sales of substandard goods shelf delisting, according to the law of its investigation and handling of illegal sale of substandard goods; Published by monitoring information related media exposure substandard quality merchandise, warning operators of legitimate business, prompting consumers to rational, consumer confidence; further strengthen law enforcement and inspection, monitoring of poor quality, low commodity markets qualified to conduct audits; will monitor the involved in the production areas of quality supervision departments informed about the situation, and ultimately achieve "Monitoring a commodity, investigated a number of violations, education number of enterprises, standardize an industry" purposes.

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